Dr. Dolly Talking to Khaleej Times - Benefits of keeping pets

The proven benefits of keeping a pet
Ashwani Kumar /Abu Dhabi
Filed on August 26, 2017
A psychologist at Universal Hospital Abu Dhabi said pets helps fight loneliness in life by providing unconditional love. "Study after study shows that anyone who has ever spent a sick day in bed with his cat or dog knows that having and caring for a companion animal is great for your physical and emotional health," Dr Dolly Habbal, clinical psychologist at the hospital said.
She said on an emotional level, owning a pet can decrease depression, stress and anxiety. Pets also help in developing social skills.
"It decreases feelings of loneliness, anxiety and isolation by providing companionship. This seems to help the owners, who live by themselves, to feel less lonely, since it can provide a sense of social support, and pets also give them a reason for living by providing them with unconditional love as they don't judge them," Dolly said.

Clinical Psychologist and Head of Department Psychology

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