24 x 7 Ambulance Services @Universal

Universal Hospital offers comprehensive 24 x 7 emergency medical services supported by well-equipped round the clock Ambulance Services.
We offer medical attention for all types of minor trauma, industrial injuries, and burns with promptness. Our qualified and clinically experienced paramedics provide first-aid and attend to the patients until they are handed over to the medical team at the Hospital.
The aim of the Universal Ambulance is to offer swift emergency aid and transportation to those in need. Our ambulances are fully-equipped to handle any emergency case at any given time.
The broad range of acute care includes:
. Adult Emergency 
. Child Emergency 
. Soft tissue trauma and wound care management 
. Critical care and resuscitation 
. Acute cases of poisoning 
. Burn care 
. Management of all medical and surgical emergency cases

Toll free number:  800 555 555