State-of-the-art Biplane CathLab @Universal - Dr. Shabeer Nellikode

Universal Hospital - Abu Dhabi is proud to have the highest end CathLab providing 24x7 coverage 

Dr. Shabeer Nellikode
Managing Director
Universal Hospitals

"Thank you almighty for giving Universal Hospital this state of the art bi plane cath lab which has helped many from heart attack, which can be prevented or stopped in progress, saving the heart muscle from life-threatening damages.

At this juncture would love to thank the cath lab team including the nurses and doctors at Universal Hospital who have been continuously helping people perform angioplasties, implants, pacemakers and diagnose cardiac conditions with an invasive catheterization procedure. 

Since last 4 years we have developed an excellent team of Interventional Radiology where world renowned physicians develop and perfect new techniques to treat stroke, brain tumors, cerebral aneurysm and other life threatening conditions of the central nervous system through endovascular approaches. 

In order to have access to the most current treatment options available, we work closely with many Institutional Review Boards across the world to oversee new products and procedures and this has helped the wings of wellness to become a center of excellence in pain management in the region . 

May the almighty Lord bless all of us with good health and happiness always."