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Picture Courtesy:  Thrive Chiropractic
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"I had actually thought of taking my husband to India for treatment. However the treatment I received from this hospital was excellent and I am so glad that I actually made a good choice.

The doctor was so kind and knew his job well and put patient care as his motto. In the olden days they would say that we see god in the doctors. We were disappointed with the  treatment from several other quarters. However I am grateful to Dr.Leon, Dr. Jimmy, Dr. John George and the duty doctor Dr. Ibrahim Ali and all others that attended to us. Sorry if I have missed out any names.

The nurses were in true spirit angels. My heartfelt thanks to all of them. We appreciate their care from the bottom of our hearts.

Finally, I would like to thank the hospital MD and the management as everything is a team work and you cant play chess with missing pieces.

I definitely will recommend this hospital to my friends and colleagues."

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