Shed Weight in a Healthy Way - Dr. Leon Alexander, Specialist, Plastic Surgery @Universal


January 5, 2018

Doctors in the UAE are urging people to shed weight in a healthy way

Dr Leon Alexander, plastic surgery specialist at Universal Hospital, said he witnesses a rise in the number of patients requesting plastic surgery, hoping it will help them achieve their ideal body. "Patients often come to us at the end of the year saying they want to start the year fresh." 
Dr Alexander said the number one requested surgery in the UAE is weight loss surgery for both men and women, followed by injectables, such as fillers and botox, and rhinoplasty.
He said patients want to lose stubborn weight that they have not been able to lose through diet and exercise, so they turn to liposuction
"Many people believe: 'Now it is a new year and it's time to start fresh'. They want a new look that they couldn't achieve before."
However, Dr Alexander said patients sometimes make unrealistic and drastic requests. "Our job is to counsel them and let them know that surgery is not the solution." 
Obese patients hope that liposuction would not only change their body but also their life. "We need to let them know that this is not a weight loss surgery, they must first commit to a lifestyle change. Just because you undergo liposuction doesn't mean that's the end of your problem. It doesn't work that way," he stressed.
"It is vital to understand that plastic surgery is not the solution. While plastic surgery can help achieve some goals, it is not the end to the problem."